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“As a retired veteran of the Vietnam War, I can relate to grief. As I served my country, I saw countless comrades fall in battle, and I came to understand that every- one has his own way of dealing with grief. I believe we can all learn from the experience of Greg Neal and thestrength that he has displayed during the most difficultof times.”

— Donald J. Chitty, Vietnam Veteran

“The loss of a loved one, especially a child, shakes our very foundation. Dr. Neal’s book helps to guide us to solid ground in a loving and practical way.”

— Rhonda Woolwine, M.D.

“We never know when a heartache will come, and we are usually not prepared to know how to react. The Journey Through Heartache can help us deal with our grief.”

— Mark Richt, Former Head Football Coach, University of Georgia & University of Miami

“Read Greg Neal’s book on the answers for loss of life. You may need it one day.”

— Bobby Bowden, Retired Head Football Coach, Florida State University